Service Areas are Now Expanded to
Chuo, Chiyoda, Shibuya Wards


   中央区 Chuo-ku
   千代田区 Chiyoda-ku
  渋谷区 Shibuya-ku
We deliver to the above area by taxi at 3300yen.

 台場1、2丁目 Daiba 1 Chome & 2 Chome
 港南4、5丁目 Kounan 4 Chome & 5 Chome
 高輪3、4丁目 Takanawa 3 Chome & 4 Chome
 北青山1、2、3丁目 Kita-Aoyama 1 Chome, 2 Chome & 3 Chome
Delivery fee for the above area in Minato-ku is 1100yen.
Delivery charge of Minato-ku except for those above area remains free. 

Restaurant Quality to Your Home

Steak and Lamb is Pre-Cooked. Simply Sear in a Pan to Finish at Home.

Our steaks and lamb featured in the dinner menu are cooked sous vide. Simply finish the meat in a hot frying pan (3-5 minutes) for the perfect steak and lamb dinner. See the videos below for instructions on how to finish. 

動画: WAKANUI デリバリーのステーキとラムの仕上げ方
Video: How to Enjoy WAKANUI Steak